Hi, I’m Rin! I’m a full time traveler, content creator, and business owner! I started a ring business, Rings by Rin, in December of 2019 when I was a college student in Minnesota as a way to make some extra money at school. A few months later, the Covid outbreak sent us all home from school, which gave me even more time to make my rings and focus on my business, and it started to take off on social media! Once the first big covid lockdown ended, I realized I had enough money saved up from my rings and my classes were still online, so there was no reason for me to be living at my parents house in Minnesota. So, I took it as an opportunity to try solo traveling for the first time— I booked my first one way flight, and the rest is history! It’s now been 2 & a half years and I haven’t stopped traveling. I’ve fallen in love with the nomadic lifestyle and recently decided to start sharing my life on social media. I’ve managed to form an absolutely amazing community of humans through the power of the internet, however I’d love to turn my internet community into real life friends— so that’s why I’m offering these group trips & hostel resort take over! My favorite part about traveling is getting to meet people from all over the world, so i can’t wait for you to come travel with me and to give you a little peak into how I live my life!


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